Introducing InFold: Extending the Power of Intent

InFoldInfolinks is always looking to improve our product performance by staying on the cutting edge of advertising solutions. That’s why we are happy to announce that our newest product, InFold, based on our successful InSearch product, is live and already bringing in high results for our publishers and advertisers.

Check out how this Infolinks publisher gained a 2.5X increase in revenue from InFold, with Ad CPM’s going up by as high as 180%).

With InFold, publishers can now take advantage of the power of search-targeted ads on a wider scale of traffic, monetizing more than just their search traffic. InFold’s smart algorithm predicts user intent by analyzing both the content of the web page and user interaction on it, and delivers the right ads to the right users at the right time.

InFold is cleverly located right above the fold, and is designed to support users’ consumption of web content with minimal interruption by narrowing down to a polite headline when the user is engaged with the site. As our research shows, InFold’s content-supporting behavior, attractive location, and unique targeting ability ensure high performance while avoiding clutter, offering better experience to users and a revenue boost to publishers.

How Can You Get InFold?

Initially beta-tested on a selected group of publishers and advertisers (*the Infolinks Lab), the product has shown impressive results and was recently rolled to our entire network. Fans of our InSearch product can automatically enjoy the benefits of InFold. If you haven’t turned InSearch on in the past, don’t miss out and turn InFold on today!

If you are not yet an Infolinks publisher, sign-up today to enjoy products like InFold and start making more from your content.

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