AdSense & Infolinks: A Match Made in Monetization Heaven

Google AdSense is an industry favorite for website monetization and has been for years. Almost daily at Infolinks, we receive questions and concerns about implementing Google AdSense and Infolinks on the same website. Does it break AdSense’s terms and conditions? Will you risk being banned by AdSense if you integrate Infolinks In-Text Ads on the same site? The answer to both of these questions is no.

AdSense Ban Anxiety

Making money from AdSense, not breaking AdSense’s rules and recovering from being banned by AdSense are the themes of thousands of posts and forum threads online. Bloggers of all levels and genres enjoy revenue from AdSense for online advertising. This is why many cautiously ask if Infolinks and AdSense make good bed fellows. The reality is that the combination of Google AdSense and Infolinks is considered the highest paying model for content based websites.

Infolinks monetizes your own words within your content by linking double underlined keywords with highly relevant ads. Our ads in no way interfere with Google’s terms and conditions, since the advertising formats are completely different. So you can rest easy knowing that both platforms are working hard to make you money, without interfering with each other.

A One Two Punch for Revenue

Why not optimize your earnings? Not every visitor to your site will respond to your AdSense ads, and since we know that In-Text is the quiet solution, your Infolinks ads are only revealed to readers who are most interested. So by using both AdSense and Infolinks you aren’t putting all of your advertising eggs in one basket (so to say.)

Since Infolinks and AdSense function differently to provide advertising to your site, they are a great combo. The best explanation for this phenomenon lies in the nature of the click thru rate (CTR), since the type of reader that will interact and click on a banner-like ad such as AdSense (which surrounds the text) is a different type of visitor than those who will hover and then click on your In-Text ads, which reside within your own words. Therefore, you aren’t replacing one click for another, but rather optimizing the full real estate of your web page to reach more visitors.

You also have complete control with your Infolinks In-Text ads. You can control where and how they appear. You can set the number of links which appear per page from 1 – 12; you can also determine the color and underline style. Also, with Infolinks On/Off Tags, it is easy to select the region of your page where your In-Text ads appear or do not appear.

How Much is More

It’s hard to say just how much revenue you can earn with both Infolinks and AdSense, since the earnings from online ads differ widely depending on many factors. Some websites report earning double with Infolinks than they do with AdSense, while others report a similar earning spread for each. You can bank on your Infolinks earnings being competitive to your AdSense revenue. This is a realistic expectation; however, don’t be surprised if your In-Text ads outperform this modest estimation.

The bottom line is that Infolinks is not only a great alternative to AdSense, but an awesome supplement. So cast your advertising nets far and wide and use this winning combination to make the most of your earning potential.