10 Social Media Resolutions for 2013

Social Media Resolutions

Prepare to ring in the New Year and reflect on what you can change and improve in 2013. Mastering Social Media is pertinent for your blog and website to truly succeed and reach new heights. Make this year your most successful yet by following these 10 Social Media Resolutions to turn up the volume on your Social Media presence.

10 Social Media Resolutions for 2013

Resolution 1: Give Your Twitter a Makeover

If you happen to still sport the default avatar that Twitter issues every new account, change it immediately. This small icon is the first impression that Tweeters have of you, so make it a good one. Don’t be afraid to be out of the box and clever when choosing your profile image.

Resolution 2: Unify Your Style

Branding is beyond important for true success in the virtual world. Be sure that your background image on Twitter and YouTube and cover photo on Facebook are strong and reflect your website’s design. This shows professionalism and a design aesthetic that will give you and your site the recognition you want.

Resolution 3: Join the #InstagramRevolution

Yes, Instagram committed a big PR foul recently by informing users that they had the right to sell images to advertisers. Creepy! However, it looks as if Instagram got the message loud and clear and is backtracking quickly. Develop your hashtagging capabilities with hairline precision, upload some fantabulous images and watch your following grow and grow.  #instalove #instagrammers

Resolution 4: Pin it!

In case you were under the assumption that Pinterest is for desperate housewives sharing recipes and decorating ideas, you are mistaken! Pinterest is an amazing channel which gives your strong visual content the opportunity to go viral fast. Be creative in your Pinterest ventures and pin content indirectly related to your blog to get more followers fast.

Resolution 5:  Google Alerts Galore

Stay on top of your branding efforts by creating Google Alerts for your website, related content and even websites you admire and look up to. This will give you the opportunity to stay relevant, comment on related articles and share your URL with people that are interested in your genre.

Resolution 6: Nurture LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to network and put yourself out there. But that’s not all that LinkedIn has to offer. You can find groups for any subset of career options and by being active on LinkedIn, sharing in the conversation you can garner more respect and even receive the great honor of being an “Expert.” Don’t neglect one of the most effective Social Networks out there.

Resolution 7: Read More

This is a bit obvious. But do you read? Reading relevant articles and websites isn’t a luxury, it’s a must. Stay on top of the latest trends and find a way to refine your voice and perspective to keep your readers wanting more.

Resolution 8: Meaningful Tweeting

Yes it’s great that you tweet all of your blog posts and retweet inspiring words from Run DMC. But let’s be real, it’s the equivalent of you shouting in a crowded room repeatedly “look at me, I did this, I said this, check me out!” You’re not going to get that much attention. Instead, join the conversation, find people that you believe are your target demographic and join in, read their posts and share your insight. Create a relationship and see your Twitter efforts grow.

Resolution 9: Timely Responses

Yay! You got 3 comments on your last post. Be sure that you respond to each and every comment, post, tweet and so on. The more you take the time to nurture each thoughtful reader with a genuine response, the more likely you will win a reader for life.

Resolution 10: Stay on Schedule

Hootesuite, TweetDeck and CoTweet allow you to monitor what’s going on and schedule your Tweets accordingly. Timing is everything, and now the power of perfect timing is in your grasp. You can also keep a closer eye on the influencers you are following.

Take the Social Media oath for 2013 and keep your New Years Resolutions!