Is Your Site Mobile Friendly According to Google?

Mobile Friendly

Google recently announced that on April 21, it will be making some changes to the Google mobile search rankings, and depending on how your website is formatted to fit mobile devices, you may not be happy about this. If your site doesn’t meet Google’s mobile friendly compatibility – it will be demoted on the search engine’s mobile search results and your overall Google page rank will start to drop.

So Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

Google explains that the reasoning behind the new algorithm is to enhance user experience. The company believes that mobile users should have quick and easy access to mobile friendly sites in their search results. The algorithm will not impact Google searches made from PC web browsers.

Why Mobile Matters

Some may question the search engine’s ability to yield power and force website’s to conform to their mobile rules. However, if you have been running a blog or website over the past several years, you cannot deny the fact that mobile use is on the rise, as well as organic search traffic which is still one of the most important sources of traffic.

As the growing amount of data about mobile web usage has demonstrated over the past several years, mobile internet access enabled by smartphones and tablets has nearly doubled the amount of time spent online since 2010. In fact, this year, mobile search is set to surpass that of desktop search.

Mobile Friendly

What You Can Do?

  • Check your website’s mobile compatibility on Google’s Mobile Friendly Testing Tool. Note that Google has the final say on whether your site meets their mobile standards, so this is essentially the only test that matters.
  • Failed Google’s Test? Don’t panic. If you are worried about the impact this will have on your ranking in mobile search results and aren’t sure if you have the financial resources readily available, do some research. Analyze your site’s traffic, explore your options and decide if this is something worth investing in.

Make More From Your Site

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