Infolinks’ Take on Secure Search and More

Infolinks' Spring ConferencesConference season never ends in the advertising world. With technology advancing every day, ideas are continually being generated – making conferences necessary for sharing, exploring and brainstorming. Infolinks recently participated in two such events, spreading our knowledge on secure search and the adverse effect of using old data to run an advertising campaign.

MediaPost’s Search Insider Summit

From April 27-30, 2014 leading marketers gathered at this exciting summit to discuss all things search marketing. The summit “explored the next evolution of search marketing across search engines, social networks, mobile devices, and brand Web sites.” Our very own CEO, Dave Zinman represented Infolinks while sitting on the panel Adapting to Secure Search. Secure search means that keyword data is not transferred through the search engine, and therefore is not provided to the data analysts running SEO practices. This new policy flipped standard SEO practices on its head, forcing SEO professionals to up their game.

The other four panelists spoke about how to adapt SEO practices while search terms now appear as “keyword not provided” in order to keep their heads above water. Dave spoke about the negative impact of secure search on ad targeting and content targeting. If the search engine no longer provides the search terms, it removes a powerful source of data used for targeting ads. Luckily, Infolinks provides a solution: predicting the search term and using the data to benefit our publishers and advertisers.

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iMedia Agency Summit

Shortly after, Infolinks attended another summit which gathered for the purpose of discussing creating innovative campaigns while keeping in touch with the consumer. Our Chief Sales Officer, John Yearout emphasized that the programmatic world uses retargeting practices that are based on irrelevant user data. Because Infolinks tracks user intent in real-time, our ads are delivered to your readers while their interest is at its peak, and not after the fact. In John’s presentation, Wine Ages Well, Data Doesn’t!, he discusses just this.

Infolinks is leading the industry with our ever-evolving technology, determined to bring publishers and advertisers the information necessary for successful earning. We attend these conferences in order to share our wealth of knowledge and to learn from others in the industry, all to bring you the best user experience.

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