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Infolinks brought the message of real-time intent advertising to the annual iMedia Agency summit held this year in Bonita Springs, Florida. Our expert sales team presented to some of the top agency representatives in the country, how they can beat banner blindness and get the biggest ROI for their media buck.

This year’s summit focused on the leading industry trends for 2015 such as programmatic buying and large scale video marketing with dozens of companies from all parts of the industry presenting their unique solutions.

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The Infolinks sales team at the iMedia Agency Summit

In our presentation, the Infolinks sales team presented the main challenges that brands and advertisers face in today’s cluttered media world as well as what they can do to make sure their campaigns stand out and reach their goals in 2015

What are the biggest challenges for advertisers and brands today?

Viewabillty: According to a recent Google’s report. only 46% of display ads were ever viewed by consumers and due to NHT (non human traffic), only 31% of inventory from networks and exchanges is actually visible.

Tonnage: According to official ComScore figures, the average US internet user sees more than 50-60 ads per day and more than 20K a year. And how many of them does the average user actually click on? Less than 0.01%.

What can advertisers and brands do to beat this banner blindness?

Be Smart: Use smart advertising platforms that can predict user intent in real time, serving them the right ads when they matter the most.

Make Yourself Seen: Make sure their ads are actually seen by placing them on non-traditional ad placements that engage users within the content they are reading.

So, how did we do? Well, we will let the iMedia Summit audience decide:

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