The Benefits of Hosting a Guest Blogger

Infolinks #30DayBloggerChallenge

In the second series of our Better Blogger Challenge we’re sharing the benefits of hosting a guest blogger, an important topic that doesn’t seem to get the coverage it deserves. Hosting a guest blogger on your site is a rewarding experience from both perspectives. From reaching out to finding a publisher, there is a lot to gain as the blog owner. All major publications, websites and blogs work with guest bloggers and you should be open to it too.

Just a few of many benefits to hosting a guest blogger:

Increases your reader base

Chances are your guest blogger has a fan base of their own. Guest blogging is not only a great way for bloggers to share their skills on different websites, but it’s also a great way for them to share their proof of expertise with their own readers. Now their readers will come to your website to check it out the post and hey, they may even stay a while and keep coming back to see what other rad content you have.

Varies your content

Having a guest blogger is a great way to vary the content you usually have on your site. If the guest blogger writes about a new topic, this is will be a refreshing post for your readers. And if the he/she writes within your website’s content, your readers will be able to read a different writing style and an opinion through different eyes.

Builds relationships

Whether a guest blogger reaches out to you or you reach out to them, you have the opportunity to build a relationship with someone in your field. Discuss topics important to the both of you and see what you can learn from them to better your blog and your writing skills. Networking is a big plus in any field.

Infolinks is always looking for our next guest blogger. Could it be you? Go ahead and leave a link to a post you’re proud of on the Facebook post announcing this blog and we’ll check it out! We’ll reach out to those we think are a good match for us. And remember, leave any tips you have on guest blogging on Facebook and Twitter! #30DayBloggerChallenge