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AdShop is the leading self-service ad platform for real-time advertising. *New: Refer & Earn 10% for 3 months and upload Image Banner ads!


1. Create a campaign

Place your ads on thousands of websites and mobile devices

Simply select what kind of audience you’d like to target, what is your budget and where to send people who clicked on your ad. 

Create an ad

2. Pay per click

Get more for less with the most profitable payment plan

Our pricing model is a Cost-Per-Click (CPC), which gives you the opportunity to pay only for the traffic that runs directly to your site.

Pay only on the clicks you get

3. Grow your business

Reach users when it matters the most with the right ads for them

Discover high quality users with AdShop’s real-time intent based targeting algorithm, that displays the right message at the right time.


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Grow your business

Advertise with AdShop and enjoy these features:

Create Canpaings Quickly and Easily

Launch campaigns

within minutes

Select advanced
targeting options

Advertise on Multiple Platforms

Advertise on
multiple platforms

Track And Optimize Results

Track & optimize

your results


Devoted support team at: