the InCube.

The Infolinks InCube is a high impact 3D ad unit



Target your users’ intent with smart ads that work for you


Analyze your content and deliver relevant ads in milliseconds 


Maximize your users’ engagement and earnings

Monetize your site with the InCube ad unit

High viewability 3D ad unit

The Infolinks InCube is a high impact 3D ad unit developed and designed exclusively by Infolinks to improve audience engagement, viewability and performance across multiple ad types in one location.


The Infolinks InCube incorporates video, display, native and content into one rotating 3D unit. The InCube unit has four panels that automatically rotate clockwise while displaying relevant ad experiences on each panel.


The InCube encourages audience engagement with the unit and provides the viewer complete movement control to further explore viewed ads or content.

infolinks incube ad unit