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Founded in 2007, Infolinks utilizes our unique ad technology platform and publisher
marketplace to provide global advertising solutions for publishers and advertisers
worldwide. We believe in helping publishers realize the success of creating engaging
content and audiences by providing strong earnings, stylistic ads, and easy implementation.

Today, Infolinks is the third largest publisher marketplace in the world, paying
publishers nearly $100 million and generating income for over 100,000 direct
website publishers and bloggers of all sizes in 128 countries. We work with
thousands of advertisers such as Nike, Virgin Airlines, Target, and Netflix to deliver
nearly 1.5 billion monthly ad views.

Thousands of publishers and advertisers use Infolinks’ intent-driven ads to reach
the right audience and deliver ads in real-time when users are most engaged and
relevant. The secret to the success of Infolinks’ advanced ad solutions is the
relevance, targeting and unprecedented viewability rates of 90%. The Infolinks
proprietary algorithm has been gathering knowledge and insights for 10 years across
Billions of impressions to create smart customizable intent-driven ads tailored towards

Your success is our priority. While many digital media companies come and go,
Infolinks has stood the test of time, working hard to deliver on our promise to
publishers and advertisers. We invite you to join the Infolinks experience and
work with us to achieve your goals.

Our values