7 Powerful Ways to Use Social Media to Pitch Your Brand

The potency of outreach of social media websites offer makes them the next “super-cool” marketing tools for startups and big corporations alike. With its emerging trend, it would not be wrong to say that social media has become a way of life for people living in any part of the world. The rapid accessibility and sharing feature of social media tools are what give businesses a strong reason to position their brand using these weapons of the masses. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Tumblr are the major flag-carrier of this driving force called “social media” that can instantly take your brand promotion to another level in no time.

Presenting here 7 ways you can promote your brand and be a force on social media websites:

1. Maximize the Full Potential of Each Social Media Website 

To fully justify the use of social branding, it is essential to have an understanding of how each of these podiums serves to pitch your brand. All of these social media marketing tools have certain facets – features and tools – that set them apart from other. To make the most of these weapons of the masses, you need to understand their scope, potential, and limitations before showcasing your brand on each of them. For example, Twitter offers you 160 characters to tell your brand story. So you want to be more specific about what you share on this micro-blogging website using hashtags or trending topics. However, Facebook and Google Plus offer you to get more personal with your audience by sharing pictures and videos of your products. On the other hand, Pinterest is a picture-sharing website which means you can share multiple facets of a product using pictures or infographic.

2. Engage With Your Leads

The primary role social media serves is to engage with your potential leads and become camaraderie with them. To strongly pitch your brand, you first need to build a connection with your audience with rich content. It is like building a taste of someone who does not know about coffee before serving them a coffee. Similarly, you first need to infuse the interest of your potential clients before they could fall for your product. Start off by creating engaging content related to your product that could create that urge in them and then pitch ideas as to why they should buy it. For example, you can create shortlinks of your blogs that you can share on Twitter and Facebook which your potential audience might want to read and eventually find interest in your brand.

3. Be Visually Appealing

Truly professional social media marketers have a knack for using visual senses of their audience to pitch their brand and an image serves that purpose to a large extent. Images tend to retain longer in memory of viewers. Using the power of an image (with tools like Canva), you not only say more in lesser words but ensure a lasting stay in the minds of your leads. With a relevant image, you can dramatically increase engagements which help you penetrate deeper into your audience. As there is no rule as to how frequent you should add an image in a post, you can insert images even in posts that do not necessarily demand a visual explanation.

4. Timing is Key

Want to increase your outreach rapidly? Then make the most of the 24 hours of the day. Social media is a volatile platform that can turn things in your favor in no time. All you need is to pace your marketing activities in a way that would uplift your outreach at the right time. Different regions have different peak hours to pitch a brand and get the attention of potential leads. Depending on your region and strategy, you need to schedule your tweets to various times of the day to capture maximum eyeballs. You can schedule your updates on social channels via tools like Hootsuite, etc.

5. Be More Visible in Social Searching Using Hashtag

For any business, certain industry buzzwords and phrases increase their social visibility. In the social media world, they are used with hashtags to help improve your exposure in social media spheres. You should come up with 3-5 hashtags for your brand that include your brand name along with other industry-specific keywords having a high search rate in social searching. To be more specific about industry-specific words, you can also use analytical tools like Bufferapp, Followerwonk, Iconosquare, etc.

6. Count Your Success

Measuring your success is an integral part of your social media campaign. Without you knowing the results of your social media strategy, you cannot track your success rate and set future goals while your competitor will be busy measuring your every move. With analytical and metrics tools, it takes only a few minutes to know exactly what goals you have achieved after a particular span of time. So why not take advantage of your competitor who might not be as thoughtful as you are.

7. Make a Rapport with Your Followers

Your followers are your future clients. So, there is a strong reason to believe that they will not be there any longer if you do not entertain them with their curiosity about you. Therefore, it is essential that you regularly respond to their queries, replies or any feedback they have about your business or products. Your attention to their interests and concerns will reflect positively on your brand and eventually validate your brand authenticity.


About the Author:

Katherine Szalay is an editor specializing in offering dissertation writing – Dissertation mall. She has contributed to many online portals related to education and career development.