Content is King – But Context is Queen

Context is QueenWe’ve all heard the cliché saying that Content is King because producing quality writing is really what separates the great from the mediocre bloggers. However, context also reigns supreme for online publishing. Writing about current, interesting and unique topics helps you attract new traffic and keep that traffic on your site – reading your words and clicking on ads.

Give Context:

Stay Informed

How can you deliver relevant, breaking information to your blog’s visitors unless you stay on top of industry news significant to your blog topic? Whether you write about cupcakes, automobiles or rocket science, by producing entries that will capture your readers, you guarantee keeping them engaged and devouring your words. Not only that, but you will garner return visitors who depend on your entries for industry news and to want to stay privy of the most relevant breaking information.

Incorporate “In-Demand” Content

Although your blog subject should be clear and on topic, by finding new creative ways to incorporate popular news or subjects not exactly related to your blog theme into your posts, you can attract a different demographic of readership. This will not only increase traffic, but also provide the context for ad networks (such as Infolinks) to deliver high paying ads to yield higher earnings for you. Variety is the spice of life, and by allowing Infolinks smart algorithm to match our premium ads to a variety of keywords, you can spice up your bank account too!

Sharpen Your Skills

One of the tricks of really great writers is adapting the habit of being an avid reader. This is especially important not only to native English speakers, but if English is not your mother tongue, a voracious reading addiction can help you broaden your vocabulary and perfect your grammar. This can help you clearly express yourself to your readers and nurture a diverse writing style. Broaden your vocabulary and allow Infolinks to turn your content into money.

Follow these three challenges to keep your writing royal. Relevancy and diversity should reign on your blog to help you attract more traffic and monetize new genres of high-paying, premium ads with Infolinks. Long live Content and Context!