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Intent Targeting

Contextual Keyword Targeting

Infolinks’ real-time contextual intent targeting uses keywords to ensure that your ads reach an audience with an enthusiastic interest in your message.


The Infolinks Referral Analyzer technology identifies the immediate source of traffic (search or social) visiting the publisher page and combines that with contextual relevance to determine the clear intent of the audience.

infolinks advertisers intent targeting ads

High Viewability

Top in Inventory Viewability and Duration

Infolinks perfects viewable impressions and duration to ensure ads are seen and considered to achieve performance.


We provide multiple ad units that are triggered on viewable signals and offer industry leading viewability of 90% across mobile and desktop devices.


Our attention grabbing ads remain viewable as the user scrolls through relative content and interacts with the user’s actions.

infolinks advertisers high viewability ads

Exclusive Placements

We simplify your media buying

Infolinks maximizes your ad spend quality and Supply Path Optimization (SPO) strategy by providing ONLY unique EXCLUSIVE placements across our direct 25,000 publishing partners.


We simplify your media buying by breaking through the digital maze and delivering decisive performance to your campaign.


The Infolinks ad units provide advertisers with a scaled exclusive placement viewable solution for display, video and native success.

infolinks exclusive placements vip

Quality Publishers

We ensure all publishers are properly vetted

Our exclusive placement marketplace of over 25,000 live website partners and ad units provides advertisers with a scaled viewable solution for display, video and native success.

infolinks advertisers quality publishers

Advertise with Infolinks and enjoy these features:

Create Canpaings Quickly and Easily

Choose from a large
variety of ad units 

Select advanced targeting options

Select advanced
targeting options

Track & optimize

Advertise on
multiple platforms

Enjoy The Combination of Search and Display

Enjoy the combination
of search & display

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