Aussies and Kiwis Click More On Online Ads

In the world of internet advertising, English language clicks reign supreme. They’re in high demand and cost top dollar. With advertising budgets being cut now more than ever, how and where you spend your budget is of the upmost importance.

During June 2010, Infolinks monitored advertising Click Through Rate (CTR) from a sample of 50M impressions from 25K publishers in their network to determine the clicking rates of English speaking countries.

Infolinks’ research shows that online users from Australia and New Zealand spend ample time clicking. The click through rate is 35% higher in Australia and New Zealand than it is in the US and Canada and 10% higher than in South Africa and Great Britain.

Infolinks attributes these findings to the homogenous population as well as the fact that the population is centered around a few main cities. This allows for highly targeted and localized campaigns. Something that advertisers certainly do and should take advantage of.

Does this mean you should ignore Canada, the US and Great Britain? Obviously not, but the next time your global campaign comes up for renewal, don’t forget the land Down Under, consider adding Australia and New Zealand to your advertising mix.